Our Discipleship Process

Discover Jesus Christ at Horizons Christian Assembly

Our first goal for those attending Horizons is that they would experience a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that this can happen as each person has a chance to “Discover” more about Him through relevant preaching and teaching that is solely based upon what we find in the Bible.

We also believe that regardless of how long you have been in a relationship with Christ, you still have more yet to “Discover.”   Therefore, this first and most important step will or should remain active in your life.


Everything that we do on Sunday mornings at Horizons is geared toward helping all ages  “Discover” Jesus Christ in a new way.

Learn to relate to God and others through the study of God's word, the Bible.

Our second goal for those who come to Horizons is that they would have real relationships with friends.  We believe that in order to be a true friend, you must first understand basic biblical truths that help bring fullness to your relationships.

When you come to Horizons you will hear us say that we desire you to “Relate” to God and others in a better way.  As we look at the life of Jesus Christ we find that his relationships with God the Father, the Holy Spirit and those around him were absolutely central to everything he did.  As he found himself in relationship with the Father, and being led by the Spirit, his relationships flourished.


Therefore, at Horizons, we strive to get every person plugged into Real Life.  Real Life is a small group ministry that promotes spiritual health in the life of every person.  Dealing with everything from finance to how to study the Bible, and ever changing, it is sure to help you better “Relate!”

Learn to live your life for God based on the gifts and abilities he has placed in you.

The third and final goal we have for those who come to Horizons is that they would live out the real plans that God has for their life.


We trust that as you “Discover” more of Jesus Christ and begin to “Relate” to God and others in a

better way, you will start to “Live” out the plans God has in store for your life.


Our desire is that you “Live” out those plans according to the talents and abilities God has placed in your life.  Each of us has been given different talents and abilities and together we can accomplish great things both in the church and in our community.