Our Heart

Here at Horizons we are all about the "get to"...not the "have to!"  We are all about being real!  What do you mean by that, you ask?  Well, very simply this: we believe that living for God is a privilege and not an obligation.  Living for God is rewarding, challenging, and quite fulfilling.

A man reaching to help another is the beat of our heart at Horizons Christian Assembly

We also believe at Horizons that we should have fun while living for God.  We believe that God has huge plans for every person and if we are willing, we get to be a part of those huge plans, and have fun in the process.

Our goal, at Horizons, is to facilitate life-change.  We want real people to experience the real God and the plans He has for a real world!  We want to help you experience these things:

1. A real relationship with God (Discover)

2. A real relationship with friends (Relate)

3. The real plans God has for you (Live)

At Horizons, we hope you experience God in a way that is relevant to your life...right where you're at!